Modern Eyecare With Old Fashon Caring


Walterboro Eyecare Center has been open for almost 24 years and is located at 201 Eddie Chasteen Drive.  As you drive by always look for our message board which displays updated information about goods and services.

“Modern Eyecare With Old Fashioned Caring”


Dr. Peter Dubin

Modern Eyecare:

“Testing your vision” is more than just reading the eye chart. Modern Eyecare means using the most advanced technology available to us today.

Your Vision Analysis:

This begins with detailed medical history. Then by using a computer we can calculate your spectacle correction. Color vision and depth perception are tested as well as your blood pressure. An FDT Field Analyzer will allow us to screen every patients visual field. Contact lens previous and new wearers are all scanned with a corneal topographer. This enables the Doctor to better fit the person, understanding the peaks and valley’s of someone’s cornea. Our two fully equipt examination rooms allows us to evaluate your internal eye health.

Advanced Technology:

Our high tech room contains the Visual Field Machine, Fundus Camera and Optovue OCT Scanning Laser.

The Visual Field Machine allows us to better detect and follow vision loss caused by eye diseases such as glaucoma, and other neurological problems.

The Fundus Camera can take a digital picture of the eye to provide proper documentation.

Our MPOD machine allows us to get a probability of developing macular degeneration. At only $15 per procedure well worth finding out if vitamin supplementation is the appropriate course of action.

Once the examination is completed, the Doctor will discuss in detail the findings. If spectacles are needed, you will then be escorted to our dispensary, which has over 700 frames to choose from.

Old Fashioned Caring:

Once in the dispensary, we take the time to carefully select the lenses and frames that best fit your lifestyle needs.



An Advantage Like No Other:

As far as we know, we are the only office in the Lowcountry with a Lens Vision System. Taking two hours to select a frame is now a thing of the past. This unique computer allows you to see your new frames and how you look in them, before you make your purchase. If you want to change the color of your eyes, this computer imaging system, now allows you to do so without putting the contact lenses on.

Light eyes or dark eyes, now you can see how you would look in blue, green, aqua, hazel or even violet just to name a few. With our computer eye imaging system, “its a snap”


We stock over 700 spectacle frames, as well as over 100 pair of sunglasses including Costa Del Mar. We also carry a large selection of designer frames such as: Guess, Candies, Harley Davidson, Lilly Pulitzer, Rampage, Thalia, Avalon, Republica and Easy Twist so just come in and check them out!

Spectacle Lenses:

Our highly trained staff will explain the various options available. Your needs are important and specialty lenses can better address those needs. Let’s look at a few:

eye care specialist walterboro- jackie


Glare At Night:

New anti-glare coatings are a must and better than ever.

Glasses Too Heavy?

Lightweight lenses, known as polycarbonate, will make some glasses up to 35% lighter.

Lines in Bifocals a Hassle:

Now a thing of a past. With a 30 day no questions asked guarantee, you can try the newest technology of progressive lenses available.


Our on site finishing lab allows us to give same day service on some prescriptions. Computerized patternless edging is unique and precisely fits lenses into your new frame.

Tired of your bifocal glasses? Ask us how contact lenses may be the option for you!

Contact Lenses:

Millions of people wear contact lenses. We carry hundreds of lenses in our inventory. New Silicon Hydrogel lenses allow for better oxygen to the cornea.

Want to reduce or even eliminate your nearsightedness and astigmatism? Well Orthokeratology maybe the answer. Come in and see if you may be a candidate for this procedure.

*We are a primary care vision facility. As well as routine vision exams, we fit many contact lenses and treat many eye conditions. Dry eye, Glaucoma, infection of the eye. Get a piece of metal in your eye from welding, we can take care of that to. If there is something we can not handle we have a very good relationship with many specialists in town and in Charleston.