Modern Eyecare With Old Fashon Caring

Welcome to Walterboro Eyecare Center

Modern Eyecare with Old Fashioned Caring


Here at Walterboro Eyecare Center we use the most advanced technology available to us today, including a new system which provides our patients with the most accurate digital measurements for their glasses. We begin your visit with a detailed medical history and a full battery of tests to determine everything from color vision and blood pressure to early onset of vision loss. Once your complete examination is finished the Doctor will sit down with you one on one and discuss his/her findings and recommendations.

We have over 700 frames in stock as well as carrying a variety of CostaDel Mar sunglasses. Our talented staff can help you pick out the best lenses for your specific needs. We have lenses that can address any issues you may be having, including lenses that reduce glare from your computer and night driving. Along with light weight lenses and digitally manufactured no line bifocals which reduce the “swim” that can be experienced with standard no line bifocals. And ask about CRT, a new way to see during the day without glasses or contacts!

Our talented –cross trained- staff has over 30 years experience and can help you with any questions you may have.


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